Industrial Access Mats

Dependable Access for Every Project

Welco Lumber’s Quality Mat Solutions

Welco Lumber takes great pride in serving as a premier producer and distributor of reliable, high-quality access, and construction mats. Our unwavering commitment revolves around delivering solutions that are pivotal to the success of diverse industrial and construction projects.

Wide Application

Temporary access roads, electrical transmission, utility construction, environmental remediation, mining, drilling, events, arenas, pipeline, marine, forestry, civil work, work platforms, ground protection, renewable energy & more!

Customize Your Mats

We can provide custom mats for all your needs including swamp mats, three-ply (3-ply) mats, access roads, grid mats, board road mats, waffle mats, logging mats, oil field mats, staging mats

Logistics & Transport

Welco Lumber handles all of your logistics and transportation needs, relieving that pressure. We have the tools and experience to source the best logistical solution to deliver your mats on time every time.

3-Ply Laminate Hardwood Mats

3-Ply Laminated Hardwood Mats

Welco Lumber produces and supplies lightweight, durable 3-ply Laminated Hardwood Mats ideal for various industries. These cost-effective mats ensure ground protection and safe passage in unstable conditions, allowing access and driving on any terrain. Used coast to coast in the United States and Canada, our mats are perfect for temporary roads, portable roads, pads, platforms, and more, ensuring your projects stay on schedule.

  • Mixed Dense Hardwood (most common)
  • Soft Hardwoods
  • Oak
  • 10-15-10 (8×14)
  • 11-18-11 (8×14)
  • 11-21-11 (8×14)
  • 12-22-12 Solid (8×14)
  • 10-16-10 (8×16)
  • 11-18-11 (8×16)
  • 12-25-12 Solid (8×16)
  • Also Solid Mats using Random Width
  • 4.5” or 5.25” thick
  • 2-ply or 3-ply
  • 8’ wide
  • Interlocking with fingers and pockets available
  • Custom layouts
  • Chains for lifting available upon request

3-Ply Laminate SYP Mats

Welco Lumber produces and distributes 3-ply Laminated SYP Mats, an excellent alternative to Hardwood. SYP (Southern Yellow Pine), sourced from the South and Southeast US, is kiln-dried, surfaced, and well-suited for wet and muddy conditions. These mats provide more deflection, consistent fiber, and effective weight distribution. Their lighter weight translates to freight savings, enabling more mats per trip on temporary roads and access routes without compromising structural strength. Proven in various applications, including electrical transmission work, these mats offer durability and efficiency.

SYP consisting of Loblolly, Shortleaf & Longleaf

  • 11-15-11 (8×14)
  • 11-18-11 (8×14)
  • 11-22-11 (8×14)
  • 13-23-13 Solid (8×14)
  • 11-16-11 (8×16)
  • 11-20-11 (8×16)
  • 13-26-13 Solid (8×16)
  • 4.5” Thick
  • 2-ply or 3-ply
  • 8’ wide
  • Interlocking with fingers and pockets available
  • Custom layouts
  • Chains for lifting available upon request
3-Ply SYP Mats
8" Timber Mats

8” Timber Mats

Welco Lumber manufactures and distributes 8” Timber Mats. Typically, the species are mixed hardwoods, oak, Douglas fir or hemlock. These are usually 4′ wide and are available in 8 to 24 foot lengths and come in notched exposed bolt or solid end so there are no tripping hazards. 8” Timber Mats are typically used for access roads, pads, staging areas, pipelines using tracked equipment and most anywhere a thicker and stronger mat is needed for heavier weight or where ground conditions and the terrain are less stable.

  • 4’ wide
  • 5’ wide upon request
  • 8’ thru 40’ available
  • Notched exposed bolt or solid
  • Temporary roads
  • Bridges
  • Pipelines
  • Dams
  • Railway
  • Oil exploration and production
  • Drilling pads
  • Staging areas
  • Airport work
  • Ground protection
  • Wind & renewable energy
  • 8”x4’x16’ Notched
  • 8”x4’x16’ Solid
  • 8”x4’x18’ Notched
  • 8”x4’x20’ Notched
  • We can do other lengths as well

12” Crane Mats

Welco Lumber specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of 12″ Crane Mats. Typically, the species are mixed hardwoods, all oak, Douglas fir or hemlock. With the added thickness, you are assured additional structural robustness surpassing other mat offerings. Available in lengths ranging from 8 to 40 feet and generally measuring 4 feet in width, these mats provide exceptional strength for crane operations and other heavy-duty applications.

  • 4′ wide
  • 5′ wide upon request
  • 8′ thru 40′ available
  • Notched exposed bolt or solid
  • Construction Mats
  • Excavation Mats
  • Pipeline Mats
  • Timber Mats
  • Bridge Mats
  • 12”x4’x16’ Notched Hardwood
  • 12”x4’x20’’ Notched Hardwood
  • 12”x4’x24’ Notched Hardwood
  • 12”x4’x30’ Notched Hardwood
  • 12”x4’x40’Notched Hardwood
  • Other lengths are available
12" Crane Mats
Mega-Deck® Composite Access Mats

Composite Mats

Welco Lumber distributes Composite Mats. These mats are lightweight, mobile, versatile, long-lasting, and structurally sound. They offer protection against cross-contamination and spills. Although the upfront cost is generally higher than conventional wood mats, the investment is long-term, with returns accruing over numerous uses.

  • Dura-Base®
  • MegaDeck®
  • Other Options available