Used Mats

Quality Used Industrial Mats

Sustainable. Reliable. Your Path to Responsible Matting

Welco Lumber offers high-quality used mats, each carefully graded. Additionally, cleaning services are available at the distribution site upon request. If you’re seeking an economical mat with remaining life or working within a budget, our competitively priced used mats are an ideal choice. Opting for used mats not only provides cost savings but also ensures the ongoing protection of your personnel, equipment, and the environment. By incorporating used mats into your job site, you contribute to an effective recycling solution, conserving timber and other resources that would otherwise be utilized in manufacturing new mats.

Grade A

  • Minimal use, generally only used once
  • Minimal wear on driving surface
  • All timbers are intact
  • No missing or damaged bolts
  • No broken timbers

Grade B

  • Visible wear especially on the driving surface and generally used more than once
  • Still intact and can be driven on without breakage occurring
  • Ends of mats may be slightly damaged
  • Timbers could be loosened between rods but are still usable
  • There is still a lot of usable life but are showing wear and tear

Grade C

  • May have missing and broken rods
  • Significant wear and tear, may not be intact
  • Ideal for multi-layering or agricultural use
  • Grade C used mats are not recommended for bridging or for free spans