Welcome to Welco Lumber

Your Premier Source for Quality Access Matting Solutions

Discover unparalleled expertise and over 100 years of industry dominance with Welco Lumber, one of the leading suppliers of access matting and industrial lumber in North America. Our roots in the forest products industry give us a unique advantage, allowing us to merge deep knowledge of wood and fiber with cutting-edge matting solutions.

Industry Pioneers

With over ten decades of experience in the Forest Products industry, Welco Lumber stands as a pioneer in delivering top-notch access matting solutions.

Expert Solutions

Welco Lumber goes beyond being a supplier; we are your dedicated matting partner committed to providing tailored solutions for all your matting needs.

Nationwide Presence

Welco Lumber has manufacturing plants, strategic distribution partnerships, and yards strategically located across the United States and Canada.

Environmental Stewardship

Whether navigating wetlands or traversing farmland, our mats safeguard ecosystems by minimizing ground pressure, allowing nature to thrive.

Quality Guaranteed

Our mats meet the highest quality standards, prioritizing the safety of your employees, the environment, and your equipment.

Dedicated to Giving Back

Our team is passionate about supporting green organizations and sustainability initiatives and will continue to dedicate our work and volunteer time to giving back.

Full service and more

Welco Lumber provides more than just industrial lumber and access mats. We are your ongoing partner and our #1 goal is to provide you with exceptional service, high quality products, and competitive pricing. Our professional lumber and matting experts can help you find solutions for your entire project, from project implementation, logistic solutions to wrap-up requirements.

A Strategic Manufacturing and Distribution Network

By having lumber & mats close to your site, we reduce transportation costs, ultimately lowering the overall price.

Welco offers tremendous benefits, from our strategic presence across manufacturing plants, key distribution partnerships, and yards in crucial locations across the United States and Canada. Our localized approach ensures competitive pricing and reduces freight expenses, delivering cost-effective matting and lumber solutions to your doorstep. Our dedicated logistics team optimizes delivery solutions, making sure your project stays on time and on budget.

Our mats not only safeguard your personnel and equipment but also protect the environment. Whether navigating wetlands or  traversing farmland, our mats reduce ground pressure, allowing ecosystems to thrive.

We aim to leave job sites in the same or improved condition, minimizing the environmental footprint. Welco Lumber is your partner in developing, implementing, and executing eco-conscious matting solutions that mitigate environmental risks, protecting both our customers and landowners’ properties. Our proactive approach ensures reduced expenses in site remediation and restoration, safeguarding your budget upon project completion.